Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to CXQ or wish to learn about CXQ, be sure to check the page for new users and the general instruction web pages first.

I'm new to CXQ. Could you help me started?
Please read this page instruction for new users.
I have created an account, but I still can't login to play. Why?
You need to validate your account first. You should receive an email telling you how to validate your account immediately after you create your account. Please make sure that your email is valid and current. For certain email service, you may have to wait a few hours for the email to arrive even though our server sends you the email immediately.
I created an account but I do not use it for a long time. Why can't I use it now? How long can I leave my account unused?
If you create an account but do not activate it within 7 days, the account will be removed. For an account that has already been activated, if you do not play for 4 months, its scores will be reset back to that of a new account, and if you do not login for 6 months, the account will be removed. Once removed, an account would be available for other people to create.
Why don't I receive my activation code after I create an account?
Make sure your email address is usable. We receive a lot of bounced mails because the email is misspelled, the email is invalid, or the email storage space is full, etc. You may want to send yourself an email to check whether your email is ok. You can always login, then use this resend activation code page to request the activation code again.
I lost my password, how do I retrieve it?
You can ask our server to send you the password here.
I try to retrieve my password and receive an error message that my email address is not on file. Why?
Your email is NOT in our database. You may have given us a different email address when you registered your account.
I lost my password, and my email is no longer valid. How do I use my account?
You cannot use your account without either password or email. There is no way to authenticate yourself with the server. If you still want to play at CXQ, you will have to create for yourself a new account.
How do I change my password?
After you login, use the modify password page to change your password.
Can I change my account name?
No, the account name cannot be changed.
How many accounts am I allowed to have? What restrictions do I need to observe if I have more than one accounts?

CXQ's Terms of Service requires that each account is used by one and only one person. However, CXQ does allow a person to have more than one accounts.

CXQ recommends that you have one or at most a few accounts at CXQ. If you wish to have more than 5 accounts, please email us to ask for permission first. In the unlikely case that any of your accounts is terminated because you violate CXQ's Terms of Service, you are required to let us know all your accounts and stop using all of your accounts at once.

If you have more than one account, please understand that you are not allowed to play with yourself. In fact, you are not allowed to play with people in the same internet subnet.

What is a minor account, and what is COPPA?
US federal law, through Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) requires websites to obtain approval from parents before they can collect information such as email from minors (under 13 years of age). If you are under 13 years of age, or claim to be under 13 years of age, please do not register. CXQ currently cannot accomodate minors. For more information, please check our Terms of Service.
Login Problem
I couldn't login. There is a message saying "Connection failed". What's wrong?
You probably have a firewall on yourside. You may want to select the 2nd check box (firewall support) on the login form so that the client attempt to connect to the server via port 23, which many firewalls don't block. If you still can't login try to select 3nd checkbox, or 2nd and 3rd boxes together. If you are not sure whether your browser is old, you should also check the 1st box.
I couldn't login. The program doesn't work.
This may be because your browser is old. For performance gain, CXQ uses some features only available in new browsers. You may want to make sure your browser is updated properly. CXQ's software should run on the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari should work. If you are stuck with an outdated browser on Windows XP, you may still be able to play on our old website.
I'm using windows XP. How do I play at CXQ?
You can use the latest version of Firefox or Chrome to play. As long as your browser is reasonably modern, CXQ's software should run fine. If you are stuck with an outdated browser on Windows XP, you may still be able to play on our old website.

You may also want to install java in your computer. You can download java from

The server said my IP is banned. Why?
From time to time, operators in the club have to ban people. Most ban last 60 minutes. Some last a day or more. Please try again later.
I got banned, could you unban me?
If you are banned, please wait for your ban to expire. The server will unban you automatically.
My account is suspended for no reason. Why?

You probably don't know the reason.

Even though we reserve the right to delete any account for any or no reason at all, operators at the site are always very careful when deleting accounts. Please try not to use offensive words or phrase in your account name. Sometimes, this is purely accidental. Do not mess up the normal operation of the club, say by cheating, exploit server bug, or hacking/attacking the site, or create too many accounts. Also, do not ever let someone to know your password, and do not use someone else account. There are cases when people have no clue why their accounts are deleted, only to find out that their seemingly innocent friends used their accounts and did bad things at the site, hacking and cheating for example. The server only knows bad IP address and accounts seen from those addresses.

In general, if your account is suspended, you are NOT welcome at this site.

What ports is CXQ using?
If you are a firewall administrator, you may allow people from within the firewall to connect to CXQ by openning one of the following ports 5834, 5835, 8080 and 8888.
I keep getting "reconnected". Why?

Your connection is probably bad. If the connection from the client on your computer is terminated without proper notification from the server, the client will repeatedly attempt to connect back to the server.

There are potentially many potential reasons for poor connection. You are adviced to ask someone who knows to take a look at your computer. A few common scenarios are:

  • Your ISP may be poor (say when you use dial up)
  • Your ISP is good, but you are downloading something
  • Your ISP is good (say if you have broadband), but some worm/virus uses all your available bandwidth. (make sure your antivirus is up-to-date, or if you don't have one, consider getting a free one from
  • Some routers on the way from your ISP to server are down.
I keep getting kick out. This happens to me many times. Why?
You can only login once. If by mistake, you login twice, one of the two connections will be dropped. Please do NOT share your account with anyone else. If you give your account to a friend, they can login with your nick while you are playing, and this may cause nasty problem for you.
The game screen got frozen. I waited for about 2-3 minutes but nothing happened. After that I got sent to the lobby. What happened?
Your network was down temporarily. The server disconnected you without being able to send you any message. Once your network is up again, the client reconnect to the server.
How do I block messages from someone who annoys me?
Internet is a diversified environment, where different people have different standard and different expectation. If someone annoys you, or verbally abuse you, you can block all messages from that person. Click on an offending chat, then click on Mute.
How do I make my table private?
You can only make a table private if you are the owner of the table, i.e. you open the table yourself. If you are the owner type:
  /private enter_key
  /private my_secret_key
to make the table private. If you want someone to enter your private table, either invite that person or ask that person to type:
  /join table enter_key
  /join 12 my_secret_key
How do I eject someone out of my table?
You can only eject someone out of your table if you own the table, and the person you want to eject is not playing on your table. Type:
  /eject someone
  e.x. /eject bad_guy
to eject someone from your table.
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