CXQ General Instructions

Create a new account

You need an account to start playing at CXQ. For instruction on creating a free account, please visit page for new CXQ's users


All the games at CXQ are multiplayers. You are to play against other people on the internet. In order to play, you need to have a valid CXQ account. If you don't have one, you can fill out this registration form. If you would like to modify your registration information, you can do so using this modify page.

To login, fill in your screen name and password on the front page and click on the button "Login". On the next screen, you can select a room you wish to enter, then click on the button WebPlay (or JavaPlay if this button is available). If you have problem login, please check frequently asked questions page.

Once logging in, you can start playing. If you want to go to a different room, you can click on the "Rooms" button and select a different game room.

Besides playing game, you can talk to other members. CXQ is committed to provide a friendly chatting environment. Please do not verbosely harass other members, and do not use foul language. If someone is harassing you, please report the incident to operators in the club. You can, and should, mute all people who you do not want to chat with. Click on their chat, and in the pop up window, click on "Mute".

For usage help inside the game room, type /? and press enter.


To send a message to your current table, simply type your message and press enter. To send a message to the whole room (i.e. shout), type your message and press F1. Please note that, if you don't shout for 15 minutes or more, you won't receive shout messages. Don't shout too fast, as if you do, users would ignore your messages by default.

To send a message to a particular person, use this command:
  /m name your_message
  for example, /m john Hi there
to send john the line "Hi there". If you send private message a lot, you may find the button F2 helpful. It'll redisplay your last private message prompt. For all chat input box, the button F3 can be used to redisplay last message sent, and F4 to clear the input box.

Your message may contain graphic images. For example, using 'happy to draw a happy face. You can also send your message in a color different from the default one. For example, to type your message in red color, use "<4> your message". The valid codes are from 1 to 16 surrounded by < and >. For list of images, and list of supported colors, please use /?.

You can also consider owning a table. First open a table, then type
  /private secret_key
  for example /private 34a4
You can invite your friends to your room once it is private. Alternatively, you can give the key to your friends. They can get in with
  /join table key
To make a table public again, type /public
If you are owning a table, you can always eject unwanted people out using
  /eject unwanted_user

To get help from operators, you can type a message and press F6.


If you want to be notify when a friend of you login, you can use the command
  /buddy add name
  for example /buddy add john
  to ask the server to notify you whenever john logins.

To find the current profile of a person, use either
  /profile name
  or /who name
To go to the table of that person, use
  /follow name

Idle Accounts

To use resource efficiently to benefit as many users as possible, if an account is not used in any game for 4 months or more, the scores of the account is reset. Accounts not used for 6 months are removed and are available for registration.

Other help pages

If you are new to CXQ and need help on getting started, please check this page for new users. For commonly asked questions, please check frequently asked questions page.

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